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       Scary Fact: About 90% of all teenagers develop acne, which can last an average of 7-8 years.

Does Acne Have You Down? Take Control Of Your Skin! You Are Moments Away From Clearer and Healthier Skin!

Is your acne bothering you? With literally thousands of acne products out there that promise to clear your skin, it can be very troublesome finding a product that actually works. I've had a long track record with acne myself, and I once suffered acne throughout all my teenage years and a few years while I was in college. I tried all different kinds of acne products, and they all didn't work.

Then I found the solution to acne. It was all in a product called SensiClear. Their product is the only acne treatment system that combines their two patented ingredients Retextra with Salicylic Acid to create an acne-fighting powerhouse! No other product contains these two ingredients, which is why I think my acne was completely gone in just four days.

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Okay, now listen here. You can have good and clear skin. SensiClear works. Plus, you cannot go wrong with their free trial. Their system is proven to clear acne and make your face feel fresh. Plus, you cannot go wrong with their free trial. On top of that, they have a 60 day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with SensiClear, just send back the product for your full refund - even if the tubes are empty!

Lets Not Kid Ourselves - Acne is Unattractive!

Nobody wants to look at red sores or whiteheads on your face or body while they talk to you. It's not only unattractive, but it may give them the thought that you have no sense of hygiene. How embarrassing is that!

On top of your acne, it will effect your relationships with the opposite sex. Who wants to date someone with red dots and pimples all over their body and face? Certainly not most people.

Janice Dickinson Requires Her Models to Use SensiClear!

Janice DickinsonJanice Dickinson, the first supermodel that also coined the phrase "supermodel", is a strong supporter of SensiClear. She recently opened up her own modeling agency and requires that her models use SensiClear.

"Modeling is tough on your skin. To be a supermodel
you need great skin. All my models must use
SensiClear, period." -
Janice Dickinson

Best Acne Cleaning System Available Without a Prescription

Rated #1Unlike other acne fighting systems such as Proactiv, SensiClear is the only acne treatment system with the exclusive patented ingredient Retextra. While Proactiv may use common ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, SensiClear's Retextra is what makes this power acne treatment work.

This makes SensiClear the most powerful acne treatment available that does not require a prescription. Are you ready to try your free 30-day trial of SensiClear?

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SensiClearYour $99.99 FREE package of SensiClear contains:


  • Purifying Cleanser
  • Balancing Toner
  • Blemish Free Acne Treatment Lotion
  • Bonus Acne Spot Treatment

With your free package of SensiClear, you will receive free membership to SensiClear Members Only area. You are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee as well!


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** Backed with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee **


Check Out What People Are Saying About SensiClear!

There is nothing better than real testimonials from past SensiClear customers. Check out what they are saying about the product:

SensiClear Review

SensiClear Review

SensiClear Review

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Acne

In todays day and age, there is a lot of misconceptions and myths about acne. Hopefully this should clear up some of those.

Bullet   Myth: Acne is caused by poor hygiene. This is actually not true. Your acne is not caused from dirty skin or surface skin oils. However, you should wash your face at least twice a day.
Bullet   Myth: Acne is caused by poor diet. Extensive scientific studies have proved that acne is not due to poor dieting, although it is just does make sense to eat right.
Bullet   Myth: Acne is caused by stress. Ordinary stress that most people experience have absolutely nothing to do with acne. Ironically, some medication for depression can cause acne.
Bullet   Myth: You have to let acne "run its course". Truth be told, acne can be cured. If you've tried many products with no success, you should try SensiClear.
Bullet   Myth: Oily skin is the cause of acne. This is also not true. However, it is true that people with acne do have oily skin in most cases, but that is a symptom, not a cause.
Bullet   THE TRUTH: SensiClear works, and for a limited time, you can receive your free 30-day trial of SensiClear. Again, this is a free trial. You have nothing to lose!




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